FOCUS & ENERGY, naturally.

nootropic mushrooms + essential vitamins in one
  • bioavailable for optimal absorption

  • more focus, less jitters*

  • improves sleep*

  • brain & full body support

*claims directly from customer testimonials


Mushroom Design Daily Multivitamin

Mushroom Design Daily

Powered by nature and dosed by scientists, this first-of-its-kind multivitamin was designed to support (not overstimulate!) your immune system with a perfectly balanced bioactive blend of 9 mushrooms and 9 vitamins

It’s what nature intended… and science perfected.

(Looking for the refill pouch only? Find it here.)

*about those customer claims...

"After finishing my prenatal vitamins, I needed a multivitamin that checked off all the boxes - clean ingredients, nutritious, and easy to digest. I love that the oil in the capsule prevents nausea, I can take it first thing in the morning. I especially love the energy it gives me (because breastfeeding is so draining)!"

Ariela R

Multitasking Mama

"Full disclosure, I have been taking these for about a week now and can feel the effects mostly my sleep patterns already—waking up in particular feels significantly easier and lighter.  If you're a [mushroom supplement] beginner looking for a true all-rounder with minimal guess work, MD's your pick"

Amanda R

Byrdie Editor

"These vitamins are honestly better than any other daily vitamin I’ve taken before — I feel a noticeable sustained energy throughout the day, but nothing jittery; I believe it’s because of the quality of the product. I have no issues consuming them without food, and I really like that the D3 is planted based, not fish-based, so there’s no after taste."

Melissa G

Attorney at Law

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