1% for the Planet Partnership

Mushroom Design was built on the desire to do better and do more—which sometimes means doing less. Less carbon output. Less waste. Less fake stuff. We’re committed to creating a first-class product, but only if our planet comes first.

We're taking this commitment to sustainability a step farther by becoming a 1% for the Planet member which signifies a business’ high-bar commitment to support solutions that positively impact our environment. As part of our membership, we pledge to give 1% of our annual sales revenue to environmental non-profits within the 1% for the Planet network so that every purchase you make through Mushroom Design will also help our planet and future generations thrive. 

Sustainability has always been a foundational aspect of our business and this is one more way that we can make a big difference. 

Here are 3 Additional Reasons Why Mushroom Design Has Partnered with 1% for the Planet:

1. Sustainability often takes a back seat to other initiatives
Currently, in the United States only 3% of total philanthropy goes to environmental causes. The founder of Patagonia (and founder of 1% for the planet) says, "this is not philanthropy. This should be a cost of doing business. It's paying rent for our use of the planet". We agree with this whole heartedly; the planet nurtures the core component of our products and it is essential for the relationship with our Earth to be reciprocal. 

2. Fighting Plastic Pollution
Researchers estimate there are now over 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean with 8.75 million metric tons being added every year. 

This was something that was incredibly important for us when considering packaging for Mushroom Design. Our packaging is purely plant based and can all go in your backyard. Our box is made out of 100% recycled cardboard, when most “recycled” is only 50–75% recycled material (that’s why it’s brown and not a pretty white!). The ink used for printing is carbon-negative algae ink. Foam packing is 100% biodegradable non-GMO cornstarch – it dissolves within seconds under water – it’s even safe to eat. All refill pouches are municipal compostable.

1% for the Planet has a multitude of environmental partners that focus on fighting plastic pollution such as Plastic Free Foundation, Zoos Victoria and Plastic Polution Coalition. This was incredibly important for us when making the decision to partner with this incredible organization/ 

3. Joining a Community of Like-Minded Businesses and Individuals 
The task of reversing the damage to our environment is monumental and cannot be achieved by any one business or individual. We joined 1% for the planet in order to align with those who have a similar mission to our own in order to make a greater impact than we would otherwise. 

Today, 1% for the Planet is a growing, global network of more than 3,419 businesses, and an expanding community of individual members supporting thousands of nonprofit partners in more than 64 countries. 1% members have given more than $435 million back to environmental nonprofits since 2002! We are so proud to be part of this growing global movement. 

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