Mushroom Design was built on the desire to do better and do more—which sometimes means doing less. Less carbon output. Less waste. Less fake stuff. We’re committed to creating a first-class product, but only if our planet comes first.

Planet-Happy Packaging

Our packaging? Purely plant products. Seriously—it can all go in your backyard. The box is made out of 100% recycled cardboard, when most “recycled” is only 50–75% recycled material (that’s why it’s brown and not a pretty white!). The Ink used for printing is carbon-negative algae ink.

Foam packing is 100% biodegradable non-GMO cornstarch – it dissolves within seconds under water (try it!) – it’s even safe to eat (or give to your dog for a very confusing pet toy). All refill pouches are municipal compostable.

Our Mission

Mushroom Design is a nutraceutical mushroom brand that inspires a better quality of life for humans everywhere. Our supplements are sourced directly and sustainably from nature—and only if they meet our founders’ sky-high standards. With years of experience in the pharmaceutical and wellness space, we knew that it was time to change the dosage and delivery methods of mushrooms. Come join us!

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