Our founders created Mushroom Design with a specific formulation as a result of their own blood scares when they were taking too many medicinal mushrooms from other products. While medicinal mushrooms are incredible for supporting the immune system (among other things such as cellular metabolism and cognitive function), too much can actually stress the immune system. MD put its formulation to the test in real, 30-day blood trials to prove that the mushrooms in its multivitamin do not elevate inflammatory markers to dangerous levels the way many other medicinal mushroom supplements do!


To quantify inflammation and immunity, our researchers tested the following 3 blood markers before and after consuming Mushroom Design Daily for 30 days:

1. C-reactive protein (CRP): CRP is high when IL-6 is produced by immune cells (like macrophages and/or T-cells)*

2. T umor Necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α): TNF-α is high when immune cell receptors find pathogen associated molecular patterns (PAMPs)

3. Absolute Neutrophil count (ANC): an estimate of the body's ability to fight infections; ANC is high during infections or when the body is wounded, and is low when someone is immune compromised

*NOTE: CRP was the marker that was alarmingly high when our founders had their annual bloodwork. Given that neither was sick or recovering from any injury, and all other markers were normal, this prompted them to explore how and why mushrooms that were seemingly so beneficial could be causing such an inflammatory response!


Data collected from MD's human blood tests show that consuming Mushroom Design for 30 days significantly reduces the inflammatory marker TNF-α, as well as indicates a trend for balanced immune enhancement.

Further, Mushroom Design’s supplement does not increase the C-reactive protein that similar mushroom powders and supplements on the market have shown to increase at the recommended daily dose!

Mushroom Design combines the physiological assistance of vitamins with the immunological benefits of 9 mushrooms to help optimize and support the body’s innate ability to repair tissue, recognize disease, and defend against pathogens. This is achieved by keeping the nutritional content (beta-glucans and terpenes) in their natural states (water and oil environment) to allow the body to absorb and handle the nutrients more efficiently and effectively.